T for T

Suddenly, the world turned upside down. T para T is a show that was born from reflections on isolation and the resignification of everything during the pandemic. Its performers were affected in different ways in relation to issues such as gender, mourning, identity. The result on stage exposes the dynamics of two individuals who inhabit unimaginable and unreal spaces, also taking the audience to an unconventional point of view. Music leads us to an ideal of another era, an idyllic love between a man and a woman, today questioned and transformed by the diversity of bonds and bodies.


T for T by Brenda Angiel: A Proposal for Art in the Heights
... It mixes beauty, love, music, dance, but also something else, something that flies through the air... Martina Delgado, Diario Tiempo Argentino, 3/5/2023

... Aesthetically beautiful, moving, 'T para T' is a show that fascinates while nostalgia and liberation converge...
Agustina Ledesma. Shows here, October 17, 2022

... with the indispensable collaboration of the airspace, that area where Angiel's creative talent moves like a bird in the air...
Patricia Casañas, Revista Noticas, November 15, 2021