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...the beautiful dancers movements establish an authentic interaction with the images...
Diario Clarín, Buenos Aires, October 29th 2019

The poetic beauty of flying bodies
La Nacion Sepember 2nd 2017, Juan Garff

Ms. Angiel’s choreography doesn’t abandon the form’s finesse and musicality. It’s tango on the moon
New York Times, October 11 2013. By Brian Seibert

8cho is Tango with a Twist (and a Leap) but you’ve never seen tango quite like this.
The variety keeps the audience on their toes and intrigued.

Off Broadway World.com BWW Reviews Friday, May 18, 2012; - by Amanda Mashack

Airdance is a joy for the eye (Marja Landeweer)
Volkskrant September 26th 2008, The Hague, Lucens Dans Theatre, The Hague

She is the most choreographically inventive aerial dancer I have encountered...
In a tango the results are spectacular: sensuous and breathtaking. a truly festive experience

New York Times, July 2nd 2005 by John Rockwell

Welcome to the sexy, exhilarating, gravity-defying world of Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company…
The movements are so smooth and controlled, the dancers seem more like they are underwater…

April 11th 2005, Natasha Gauthier, The Ottawa Citizen

Angiel takes modern dance to new heights
Dance Magazine, July, 2001