Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company is committed to design the perfect show for the need of the client. Either by having the most interesting choreographies of the variety of shows of the repertoire of the Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company or to design specifically for the event. The Company has presented their work for large international firms in Argentina and abroad.

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• Hugo Boss, the firm's opening party in Argentina at Darwin Studios
• Hugo Boss in Mexico City, Bullring
• Opening of the Buenos Aires Fashion 2000 (dancing on the gothic columns of Law University of Buenos Aires)
• Introducing new Chevrolet model at Buenos Aires Design Center
• Show for the Oma Design Fair at Darwin Studios.
• Introducing new Gillette shaver model
• New Johnson & Johnson product presentation at Buenos Aires Design
• Inauguration Lan Argentina
• TV Program Solo Tango the commercial spot
• Anniversary Group of Dow Companies
• Air Condition Presentation at the Martín Fierro Cable Television Awards
• Master Class for Unilever Executives
• Pilar Sheraton Event
• Chiletabbacos, celebration 100 years, at Vitacura Planners Club, Santiago de Chile
• Institutional presentation for the Pirelli Company at the Faena Arts Center, Buenos Aires.
• NIKE Event – Galpón de La Boca
• Presentation Perfume INVICTUS Paco Rabanne – London Supply Duty Free Shop 30 presentations, Iguazú Port
• Argentina's Munich celebrated 25 years at the Faena Arts Center
• Israeli TV Reality Event
• Institutional event for HUAWEI firm, Faena Hotel
• 50 years anniversary of Zurich Insurances Company at the Hilton Hotel
• Institutional presentation for the international firm CARPETONE, in La Boca
• Presentation for Japanese TV
• Reality TV USA Amazing Race Program
• Openning for the Convention Center of the city of Buenos Aires.
• Private Amway event at the Zanjon of Granados March 10, 2016
• Garden Night at the Botanical Garden November 17, 2016
• Opening of the new central metro connection of the City of Buenos Aires
• Opening of the National Senior sports at Cantoni Stadium San Juan City.
• Championship Closing Event at Polo Thai
• American entrepreneurs event Zanjón de Granados
• Revelation of the new model of Scania Trucks
• Openning of the renew Corrientes Avenues, Buenos Aires
• Openning of BienalSur at the Museum of Inmigration.

Photo credits: Maximo Parpagnoli, Mauro Dann, Nicolas Foong, Carlos Furman, Maria Stefanescu, Sebastian Sanint.