8cho, aerial tango

They dance the tango, as it could never be danced on the floor. A new point of view for the tango: for the dance and also for the music composition (original score and traditional). The aerial dance tango is poetic, sensual and breathtaking, as audiences and press around the world have acclaimed it.

Touring company size with full live orchestra: 21 people


  • Ms. Angiel’s choreography doesn’t abandon the form’s finesse and musicality. It’s tango on the moon
    New York Times, October 11 2013. By Brian Seibert

  • 8cho is Tango with a Twist (and a Leap) but you’ve never seen tango quite like this.  The variety keeps the audience on their toes and intrigued.
    Off Broadway World.com BWW Reviews by Amanda Mashack

  • In a tango the results are spectacular: sensuous and breathtaking.
    New York Times by John Rockwell

Photo credits: Maximo Parpagnoli, Mauro Dann, Nicolas Foong, Carlos Furman, Maria Stefanescu, Sebastian Sanint.